Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my camper’s account information?

Log in to your camper’s account by using the same link you used to register with. Not all camps show up in the same link. So it is important for you to use the same link you registered with in order to find your camper’s information. If you registered campers from both a church website and the camp website, you will need to return to those websites and log in to see the information for those campers.

I cannot find all of my registered campers?

If you registered your campers through different locations, i.e. your church and then the camps website, you will need to return to the origin of your registration and log in. From there you will be able to find the camper information for those camp sessions.

How do I know if my church is a partner church?

A listing of Partner churches can be found here, under the Partner's menu.

When registering my child is it the grade they are currently in or the grade they will go into this fall?

Program grade levels are based on the grade your child will enter in the fall. If your child is finishing 5th grade, he would register for a 6th grade camp.

My child is going into the 5th grade he wants to attend a session with his friend who is going in the 4th grade is that possible?

Children are encouraged to attend a program that corresponds to the grade they will enter in the fall. This policy helps the Program Directors as they plan and implement their program. It also serves as one of the defense systems we have put in place to help us control “bullying.” Special permission must be granted by the Program Director the child desires to attend before the camp office can honor the request.

Can I register another child that I am not the parent or guardian?

It is not recommended; the online Health Form is a legal document It gives the camp permission to treat the camper and make hospital decisions in the absence of the parent or guardian. If someone other than the parent has completed the camper’s registration, please mail a signed form to the camp office stating it is ‘for signature only.’ We also run into the issues of confirmation and email communication may not be sent to the correct individual.

I did not get an email confirmation that my child is registered for camp. What should I do?

Contact the camp office. Our Guest Services Coordinator will access the online system to determine if there are issues with the actual registration process or just the confirmation notice.

I have registered my child, how do I access my account to make a payment or update health information?

Go to the camp’s Home Page, under the summer camp page, click on the Parent’s Information tab. There you will find a link to Access Your Campers Account. You need the same email address and password you set up when first registering your camper.

I have a balance on my child’s account, can I pay it on check-in day?

All camp balances must be paid 2 weeks (14 days) before your camper’s session begins. If there are any balances on opening day, you will be asked to pull off into a specific line during the drive through registration. We will not accept checks. Only cash, credit or money order. We strongly recommend that balances are paid two weeks before your child’s session by going online to your child’s account. For assistance you may contact the camp office.

Can my child leave the camp and then return later?

Allendale has a “no return to camp” policy. It Is necessary for several reasons including: security issues, meal counts and disruptions to the camp program, the family group, and the camper. The options are to pick another session that is free of other activities or you may check your child out of camp early. If you need to pick up your child early, fill out an Early Dismissal Form at the Registration Table during check-in. Medical exceptions may be granted by contacting the camp office.

What is the camp's refund policy?

We use a prorated refund system based on the amount of time that the child is at camp before going home. The first $50.00 of a week-long session is a non-refundable deposit.
*Pre-Camp Refunds will be calculated at the amount Paid minus $50 non-refundable deposit.
**Refunds after Camper has checked into camp are prorated as follows:
Departure before 6PM**
75% Monday
50% Tuesday
25% Wednesday
***Time based on when it was determined that child will be leaving, not when departs camp.
Refunded amount is first applied to Allendale Scholarships if applicable.
2nd to amount paid by church through church bucks
3rd to individual who made the original payment on behalf of the child.
Actual amount of refund may be transferred to another camper’s balance on the same family account.

What time does camp start and end?

Camps that begin on Sunday will begin at 5:30pm and will be a drive through checkin. Please do not show up to camp any sooner than 5:30pm
All week-long camps end at 10:30am, which is when parents may arrive to pickup their campers from the cabins they were dropped off at during registration on Sunday. 2nd Grade Camps, Day Camps, and other Special Sessions that are unique to the uniform start and end times will be communicated to parents prior to the session.

Where do campers check in for our camp session?

Check in will be a drive through process. It will begin at the back entrance of the camp, which can be accessed off of County Road 150. As part of the process all passengers of the vechilce will have their temperatures checked, campers will receive their complimentary tshirt, and they will also have a chance to drop off any medication to the nurse for the week or meet with the food service staff about any dietary needs. From here campers will be taken to their cabins where they will be dropped off in preparation for a great week of camp.

My child has medication, who do I discuss those with on opening day?

Each camp session will have a Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse or License Emt that will administer all medications prescriptions and over the counter meds plus deal with any medical issues as they arise. They will be available at check-in for you to discuss your child’s medications and any pertinent medical issues.

Is it okay to bring our dog when checking in or picking up our child?

Because of health codes and possible medical allergies of other guests, Allendale has a no pet policy, so please leave your favorite furry creatures at home.
On Sundays and closing days the camp is full of people and moving vehicles. Your pet may behave very well in a home environment, however the camp cannot be responsible for your pet’s behavior on our grounds.

Does camp serve dinner on Sunday Night?

The Snack Shack will not operate on Sundays during registration this summer. Campers are encouraged to have dinner before arriving on the grounds. An evening snack time will be served around 8pm on Sunday evening.

What should my child bring to camp?

• Bible
• Twin size bedding, or sleeping bag & pillow
• Toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.)
• Towel & washcloth
• Sportswear, casual clothing & tennis shoes
• Pajamas
• Swimsuit, flip flops, & beach towel
• Flashlight
• Labeled Bag for dirty clothes
• Prescriptions/Medications taken regularly (All medicine should be in the original container & must be given to the First Aid Tech at Check-In.)
• Mission offering (optional)
• Refillable Water Bottle

What should my child wear while at camp?

Sportswear is the most common type of dress for camp. In swimming, if modesty is questioned, please have a t-shirt to wear over the suit. Casual play clothes are the norm.

Does the camp have a dress code?

Swim suits are for the pool and beach area or other designated water activities. If suits are worn at other activities or areas, they should be covered. Please encourage kids not to have wet suits on all day. Shoes must be worn at all times for safety.
Females: May wear modest, one piece or tankini bathing suits. When in the standing position, the stomach must be fully covered. Halter tops or strapless tops will not be permitted.
Males: Shorts must reach at least midway on the thigh. Shirts must be worn always except for athletic events designated by Program Director.

Does my child need to bring spending money?

Canteen money for snacks has been included in the registration total for all camps. The only remaining money needed would be for mission offering, which is optional. Each summer we host a Resident Missionary for the entire summer. The mission meets each day with the campers to share about their ministry. Campers are given an opportunity to voluntarily share financially for the mission projects. For information on the current Summer Resident Missionary, visit our Summer Camp Missionary page.

How can I send a Package to my child?

  • There will not be a physical camp store at Allendale this summer.
  • Items may be purchased from our online store, to be shipped directly to your home.
  • The camp will not deliver camper mail or packages including those dropped off by parents or delivered to the camp by USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, or any other delivery service to campers this summer.

Can my child bring his/her cell phone?

We discourage your child from bringing his/her cell phone to camp to avoid distraction and interference with the program. Camp staff have the right to collect phones from campers that have been deemed to be a distraction to the camper, other campers or the camp program. The camp cannot be responsible for loss, thief or damage of personal phones.

How do I get mail to my child?

  • There will not be a physical camp store at Allendale this summer.
  • Items may be purchased from our online store, to be shipped directly to your home.
  • The camp will not deliver camper mail or packages including those dropped off by parents or delivered to the camp by USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, or any other delivery service to campers this summer.
  • The Bunk notes email system is suspended for the summer of 2021.

Can my child call home?

Should a special need arise for your child to contact you, he/she can get permission from the Program Director or Camp Nurse. Campers are encouraged to call home if an injury or illness occurs. And of course, if they make a decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior!

How do I get a phone message to my child?

If you know the number of the Program Director, you may contact them directly. Otherwise, call the camp office and a staff member will see that the message is placed in the hands of the Program Director for delivery to your child. If it is necessary for your child to return your call, the Program Director will be the one making arrangement for your child to do so.

My child is a picky eater. Can he/she bring snacks?

Campers receive three meals per day and are served a snack twice-a-day at Canteen. As such, we do not allow food/snacks inside the cabins; to maintain a clean environment. Plus, snacks brought pose a health threat to children that suffer from food allergies. Campers can make their own peanut butter (sun flower butter) & jelly sandwich at lunch. You may review the camp menu here.

Can I visit my child while at camp?

Visitors will not be allowed during the camp sessions this summer. We feel a No Visitor Policy will limit exposure to the campers, faculty, and staff.

My children will be on-site at the same time but are attending different programs. Will they see each other?

Campers attending different programs may see each other in passing between activities. Except in rare situations housing, programming and recreational activities are all divided by age level. This insures that teaching content is age appropriate and that recreation activities are geared toward the physical and emotional abilities of the campers.

Can a friend or relative pick up my child?

The short answer is yes, if you follow these guidelins:
All campers were mailed a car tag for drop off. This car tag is also used to pick up your camper at the conclusion of camp. A picture of this car tag will also be accepted in addition to the actual printed off car tag for pickup. Be sure that whoever you wish to pick up your camper from camp has the car tag or an image of the car tag.
If pickup plans change while your child is at camp, please call the Camp Office so we can notify your child.

My child has diagnosed food allergies. Can Allendale accommodate his/her needs?

Allendale Food Service staff will do our best to accommodate children with food allergies. Camp Allendale is a nut free camp. There are no items containing peanuts served in the Kitchen or at canteen (snack) time. The camp kitchen does prepare food items that contain gluten as an ingredient. Some options, but not an entire different menu, are available for those with gluten and celiac allergies. Special precautions are taken to make sure that those items are not cross contaminated during the preparation process. We have a kitchen staff member who prepares trays for campers with allergies. The staff are happy to discuss with parents’ supplemental items that can be brought for the child. There is limited storage and refrigerated space for items brought from home. Camp staff have prepared a notebook of ingredient labels for every food utilized in the preparation of our meals. Parents may review food ingredients prior to the camp session or on the day of check-in. We also provide as much information as is provided to us concerning possible cross contamination with the product at the facility where it is manufactured.
Our Food Service Manager receives an allergy report prior to the week the campers arrive. Therefore, it is imperative that the Allergy section of the camper health form is completed in as much detail as possible. Please be sure to indicate the severity of the allergy. A staff member will contact the parents of campers with severe allergies. If you are not contacted prior to your child’s session; feel free to contact the Food Service Manager. A copy of the Summer Menu is available here. Parent’s may also discuss snack options in the canteen and any specials snacks that may be served. It should be noted that although we do not allow snacks in cabins, Allendale cannot be held responsible for what snacks other campers bring onto the grounds. At registration on Sunday, a Food Service staff member will be available to talk with the parent and child about allergy food concerns. Parents may drop any food or snack items during that time as well. Children with severe allergies are given a special wrist band that identifies them. This is not intended to make them stand out in an embarrassing way; but to allow the faculty and staff to exercise proper caution when food items are being served.

My child has talked about getting baptized at camp. Will I be notified if he/she makes a decision?

Absolutely! When a child shares with us that he/she has a desire to be baptized one of the camp faculty discuss with them what a decision for Christ involves. If someone from their home church is here at camp, they typically would have this discussion because of the prior knowledge of the camper. We don’t want a camper to make a decision simply because a friend is doing it.
During the process the Program Director or another staff member will contact the parent or guardian listed on the camper’s registration information. If a camper is going to baptized at camp, we welcome parents, grandparents and friends to attend the baptism service which is typically at 11:15am on Friday mornings, after the parent pickup time. Sometimes parents and campers have already had a discussion about baptism before they arrive at camp. If so, feel free to share that with his/her dorm parent or Program Director at check-in.

Does the Camp have a Lost N’ Found?

Each week there is a Lost N’ Found area located in front of Hillside Chapel and a second in the Ark recreation building in the back. Parents are strongly encouraged to check those areas before leaving the grounds. We also keep all Lost N’ Found items until October 1st. If after arriving home, you realize some items are missing contact the camp office. We will gladly sort through the items we have to hopefully locate your lost items.

What are your COVID Protocols?

Click Here to download current COVID Protocols.