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Mission Allendale 2023

Mission Allendale 2023

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Mission Allendale


Mission Allendale is one of our most successful and popular camps with many high school campers putting their all into the service/work projects of the week! The morning and early afternoon consist of working on projects and the late afternoon and evening are spent with traditional camp activities and recreation.


If you are a high school student, looking for a camp with a serious, service focus, try Mission Allendale Past projects: A handicap accessible fishing dock, mulching trails, deck on the back of Cedar Lodge, Human Foosball court, deck off of the main building, Fort Allendale campfire/vespers area, Lakeview campfire/vespers area, Paintball Course and offsite mission projects.

Treehouse Camps


Looking for a different kind of camp? Do you really want to experience nature? This rustic camp site is located on a remote section of our campgrounds. Campers sleep in treehouses–cabins elevated on stilts. These cabins are naturally cooled–no air-conditioning–and set back in the trees. There are newly constructed on-site sanitary privies and sheltered teaching area. Showers are located within walking distance at the Beach Bath house. Campers will participate in normal camp activities, as well as, some activities unique to Treehouse camps.

Paintball Camps

We will provide all your paintball gear, so come prepared with the proper clothing for this challenging activity. We’ll also enjoy many of Allendale’s activities and spiritual challenges.

Handi Camp


This camp is specially designed for God’s loved children to be able to have a Christian camp experience.

Register by downloading the packet below.  Return the completed Handi Camp Packet to Camp Allendale via mail with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Download the Handicamp Registration Packet

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