Without Volunteers, Camp Allendale would not exist.

This page is dedicated to acknowledging key volunteers who have made the extra effort in their service to the Kingdom through the camp!

Camp Committee

The Camp Committee meets monthly and oversee our summer youth camp program. Thanks so much to such a faithful group of workers. Scott Pitts is the chairman of our Camp Committee. He also serves as a Program Coordinator and Program Director during our summer camp programs. He is children’s minister at Greenwood Christian Church.

Program Directors

Program Directors at Allendale are volunteers from area churches. Each week of summer camp, there are multiple program directors on site to run various programs. They operate from a manual created by the camp committee and camp staff. Each week a member of the camp committee is also on site as a Program Coordinator. This person serves as the liaison between program directors and the camp staff. Individual names can be found on this web site listed with the various weeks of camp.

Kitchen Helpers

Kitchen helpers are extremely helpful to us in the summer months. We encourage individual churches to sign up for one or more days to assist us in the kitchen. You choose the day then bring 2-5 helpers for the day or for a specific time you have arranged. During the summer time a Kitchen Helper schedule can be found here. For more information about helping in the kitchen contact the main office by phone (317-878-4400) or email.

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To apply as a volunteer  in one of our many areas we need help use the Volunteer Spot Link below.