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Marie Allen

Where We Started: Marie Allen's Dream

It had always been a dream of Roy and Marie Allen to have a Christian Camp for children. For many years, Marie would load her school bus with kids and haul them to various parks to have camp. Before their dream could be realized, Roy was killed in a truck accident. Despite that tragedy, Marie continued with their dream. In 1949, along with several area ministers, the dream was brought to reality. Marie donated 17 acres of her property and Camp Allendale was born.


The first camp sessions were held in 1951. A small lake had been dug and a basement kitchen and dining hall constructed. Campers lived in tents and soon the bathhouse was built along with several small cabins. Since that time, the facility has grown to 180 acres with 35 buildings and 2 lakes. Over the years, Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center, formerly known as Camp Allendale, has developed into a very large program with a strong summer youth camp as well as a very active retreat program. Marie’s dream has been realized over and over again.

Our Mission Statement: 
Camp Allendale exists to provide a dynamic environment for people to engage the living God.

                              Where We are Going: Mission
At Camp Allendale, our longstanding mission is to share the message of Christ with others. Nestled on nearly 200 acres, we take joy in welcoming over 2,100 campers each summer to experience our exceptional facilities. With remarkable buildings, expansive activities, and a vision to evolve into a year-round facility, we are thrilled to offer an environment for individuals to connect with the living God throughout the entire year. During our retreat season, which draws over 6,000 guests, we are proud to serve as the preferred camp for numerous churches, organizations, and individuals. Discover more about our ongoing projects and join us in our journey.
                            What We Believe: Statement of Faith
The connection between belief and behavior, meaning that actions should reflect one's faith on and off-site. As a Christian Camp, we value the Bible and its implications for personal conduct. While not prescribing a single Christian behavior model, we require all affiliates to affirm the Statement of Faith and Practice. This includes adherence to principles such as active participation in a local church, respect for the camp's stance on marriage, gender, and sexuality, and responsible behavior regarding alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Individuals are expected to demonstrate respect, commit to spiritual growth, and represent Camp Allendale positively in various contexts.

Our Core Values:

  • Christ-centered

  • Excellence in Service & Management of Resources

  • Safe, Interactive & Fun Environment

  • Foster Lasting Relationships

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