paintballPaintball is a great way for your group to practice team work. The few hours spent on the course will lead to many more hours of laughter and conversation beyond the paintball fields at Allendale.

Each 2 1/2 hour session will be lead by our trained paintball officials and will include a beginners orientation. The paint is washable and one should dress to their comfort level. Gloves, long sleeves and pants are suggested since all of the 5 acre field rest in the woods of Allendale. Your thermal safety mask will be provided for you.

Pricing varies depending on your level of support to Allendale, but includes a Tippmann marker, thermal mask, 500 paintballs, orientation, and a trained facilitator.

Download your paintball waiver
Play Choices Partner Pricing (per person) Non-Partner Pricing (per person)
2 1/2 Hour Orientation and Game Play $30 $35
Paintball and Lunch Package $36 $42
Paintball and Tree House Lodging (no meals) $34 $40
Paintball with Any Overnight Package $25 $30
Additional Paintballs per 500 $12 $15

Contact our Guest Service Coordinator for more information or to schedule your Paintball Retreat.