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Those of us over 40 will remember the TV show that began with a well-known theme song, and low flying helicopter landing at the 4077, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Camp Allendale has had its own version of the 4077 for the past five years. Our “MASH” has been Mobile Additional Student Housing units, a catchy acronym for what has amounted to construction office trailers converted into temporary overflow housing for campers and staff. They have been necessitated by the growth in our summer camp attendance at a time when our calendar window for ministry is the shortest ever.  Will you prayerfully consider taking your Next Step to help make room for more children and adults to experience God’s love and grace?


This temporary housing issue needs to find a permanent solution for a variety of reasons. Each year the permitting process through the county zoning department becomes more complex and cumbersome.  The amount of money to rent the units increases each year.  Over the past five summers, we have spent over $65,000 in rental fees. A significant number of manhours area also spent assembling and tearing down beds, setting up electrical hook-ups and prepping the trailers at a time when each day is crucial in getting the camp ready for summer. In addition to the temporary nature of the trailers, bathrooms are not attached to the sleeping quarters, which creates an uncomfortable and inconvenient camp experience.



In response to this pressing need, the Camp Board has made the decision to proceed with the construction of a 64 bed Bunkhouse. Not only will this provide some margin for growth in our summer camp program it will also give us another venue to expand our growing retreat ministry.  


We have set a goal of having the Bunkhouse completed by summer of 2019. That is only nine short months away!  The site has been identified, a contractor has been chosen, and completion of the drawings are under way.




The Bunkhouse is the main priority for funding and construction, but it is not all that we hope to accomplish over the next two years. 




A second component of our planned expansion includes two single units at our Cabin Village venue. 

Combined with the Cabin Duplex already under construction (all funds raised!), these units will more than double our summer support staff housing.

They will also be the foundation of a ministry to small groups, couples and church leaders throughout the fall and winter months.






In the next few months support through prayer and financial Gifts, will be crucial to accomplish our completion goal date for the Bunkhouse.  We recognize that for some there would be the potential of sharing a larger gift if spread over a longer period.  Will you consider taking your “NEXT STEP” and give a special gift today? Or make a 2 year commitment to make these projects a reality?


Special Gift Watch Video Commit to Campaign