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Since 2013, the emphasis has been on expanding our housing and infrastructure to accommodate the growing numbers in our summer camp program and retreat ministry. Over 1.4 million dollars was provided by friends of Allendale, to expand our housing capacity by 125, through the construction of Provision Lodge, the Cabin Duplex, and the Bunkhouse debt-free.

During this time, our existing buildings have taken a back seat. Now there is a clear difference between the quality of the newer buildings and the older ones. Over the next two years major focus will be to upgrade our older facilities. Through the Renew, Refresh, Restore initiative, current facilities will get  much-needed attention.

Projects like new paint and carpeting will help refresh older buildings. Other items will restore buildings to their original condition such as new roofs, replacing rotting windows and decaying decks. One of the greatest needs is to repurpose space in the Dining Hall and Kitchen to provide more efficient storage and food production.


Our goal is to raise $400,000 over the next two years dedicated to current facility upgrades though the Renew, Refresh, Restore Initiative. One-time gifts as well as monthly gifts for the next 24 months are needed to reach our goal. Please consider providing a gift today!

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