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The past 24 months have been humbling and exciting! Individuals and churches have given sacrificially to provide the funds necessary to reach more children and families for Christ. One of those reached was a junior high camper named Megan.  I recently attended Plainfield Christian Church, during one of the services Megan came forward to be baptized.  In her testimony, she said a friend had invited her to attend Camp Allendale last summer.  It was there that she made the decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ!

bathhouseThe new shelters at our Tree House camp, the Beach Bath house, and Provision Lodge are wonderful additions to our ministry.  Provision Lodge is a welcomed new venue for retreat guests. We’re anxious to fill it with campers this summer!  For the first time in four years, we will house all of our campers in permanent housing without the added expense of rental units. Over the course of the summer, Provision Lodge now let’s us house 300 more children!



In our 2013 Long Range Plan, we addressed housing needs, food service demand, support facilities and programming goals. With current housing needs somewhat addressed through Provision Lodge, we have set the course for our Phase 2 priorities.

Our Family Cabin Village venue will continue to expand our summer camp housing by providing space for paid summer staff and volunteer faculty that support the camp programs (i.e. speakers, musicians, teachers, etc.). This will free up beds in the cabins for additional campers.  The family cabins will also better equip us to offer marriage and family retreats.  familycabins


A year-round Recreation Facility will provide an additional large group meeting space, temporary dining space for the Cedar/Fort camps (until a new dining hall is constructed), and a rainy day activity area for our summer camp sessions. The greatest benefit of this new year-round recreation facility will be our increased ability to host camp events and retreat guests in the winter months.



As the camp has grown, so has the need to expand our Maintenance Department. A portion of the Phase 2 funds will be used to add much needed additional storage and shop space to the current structure. The total anticipated costs for all of the Phase 2 projects is $750,000.


To accomplish these projects by the fall of 2018, it will take the efforts of many.  I know God will provide the funds through His people.         Will you please prayerfully consider making a 24 month commitment today ?  Some individuals and churches have indicated their willingness to renew their commitment for this next phase.  I am excited to share with you that pledges for Phase Two have exceeded $105,000! Can I count on you to join with Nancy, me and many others, to reach more hearts for Christ?


        If you are able to make a commitment over the next 24 months please click the Make a Commitment Now Button above.  If you are not in the position to make a commitment, but would like to share a one-time gift, please click on the PayPal link above.


Reaching Hearts,