Board Members

These men are elected for a one year term, but most men have repeated for several years.  Our board operates as a “Policy Governance” board.  Their main responsibility is to set policy and to monitor the Executive Director.  This board meets at least 4 times per year.  We are proud to have men of such high caliber serving our ministry!

President- Kent Fillinger

President.Kent.Fillinger “Member at Large” for our board of directors.










Vice President- Greg Coy

Vice.President.Greg.CoyGreg is an Attorney and practices in the field of intellectual property law.









Secretary – Rick Davis

Secretary.Rick.DavisRick is Minister of Discipleship at Victory Christian Church.










Dave Wohlenhaus

Dave.WohlenhausDave is the Children’s Minister at Connection Pointe.









Chris Fowler

Chris.FowlerChris is the Outreach Associate at Kingsway Christian Church. He is a part of the outreach team with a focus on Global Missions.









Dennis Frazier

Dennis.FrazierDennis is a trainer for Duke Energy. He attends Greenwood Christian Church.